Custom Branding Irons

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my custom Brand cost?
The price is as simple as the price list states. Flame Brands up to 3 (i.e. 2”x1.5”) are $85, and electric Brands up to 3 are $165 including the 200w AMERICAN made heating element. If the design is long and narrow (over 2.5:1) there is a $20 charge to reinforce the plate, this will prevent it from bending. The only extra might be if you want a graphic or drawing included, see the price list for art charges.

How do I order?
To order your Brand, simply contact us (email, phone, fax or post) with your requirements. Let us know the heating style, the approximate size needed, and the description of the design. If you need design advice, let us know. We will send you a layout for approval before starting production.

Will there be an art charge?
We include simple typesetting in the cost of your Brand. If you would like a creative layout or graphic element (i.e. duck, dog, hammer, etc.) included and do not have the ability to provide it, we will render it for a small art charge.

Do you ship international?
Yes, we do. We have sent Brands to Great Britain, Canada, Barbados, New Zealand, Japan and a good many to Australia. We send using USPS Priority Int'l and guarantee delivery.

How big/small can you make a Brand?
We have made Brands as small as 1/4” across. The largest flame Brand we will make is 9 ($85 plus $120 for oversized), and the largest electric Brand, using our standard 200w heating element, is 5 ($165 plus $40 oversized).

How do I heat it?
A flame Brand can be heated with a propane torch, propane burner or BBQ grill. The electric Brand is just plugged in and 20 minutes later it’s at branding temperature. Branding directions are included with each Brand.

Will my art make a good Branding Iron?
Our background is graphic design; email us the art and we will tell you where any potential problems may lie, plus any ideas that may improve the overall impact. Inevitably, we will make anything you request, but our interest is in providing a design that will be enjoyed for the life of the Brand. Try to avoid fine lines on large Black areas. A hint: Sometimes less is more!

What is better, electric or flame heated Brands?
While the electric is more popular, due to it’s ease of operation and consistent heat, the flame Brand is less expensive and can be made much larger. Beyond that, they will both give equally impressive results.

Can I use someone’s art that I saw on your website?
In a word, NO. While we may use a similar layout, I cannot resell the artwork that was made for another client. If you can describe it to us, we will work hard to develop a unique design that reflects your personality and craft.

How long does it take to get my Brand?
Usually it ships 2-3 weeks after final art approval. We use UPS, so allow time for shipment. Tracking numbers are sent via email when it ships.

Do you issue gift certificates?
Yes, we custom print gift certificates in any denomination or for the full purchase price of a Brand. A personalization is standard. Payment is due upon issue of certificate.